Viobyte Home & Office Classic USB Keyboard

Viobyte Home & Office Classic USB Keyboard

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Typing Never Felt So Good...

Enjoy Total Comfort and accurate typing at your desk or on your lap. With tactile feedback and whisper quiet operation for all your computing requirements.


More Than Just Looks Good...

We've designed the new KB-VB-001 keyboard not just to look good on your desk but also to promote a more natural and restful typing action, reducing common problems associated with poorly designed keyboards. Take, for example, our low profile keys and a tilted keyboard body to further reduce wrist strain after extended usage. Whisper quiet operation is assured on the full size keyboard with separate numeric pad, cursor control and of course multimedia keys.


Ideal For Tablet And Mobile Computing Devices…

Being totally Plug n Play, the KB-VB-001 Keyboard is also compatible with Android tablet devices which have a USB port available(or via a on-the-go adapter), which makes typing faster and of course more accurate than a touching a screen.